MRV Masternode Controller

MRV was designed to make the setup process for a masternode as easy possible.  The new Masternode Controller Feature handles all of the difficulty of setting a masternode for you.  The user simply needs to enter the information, when prompted by the wallet, and the wallet will handle the rest.  The full guide on how to use the Masternode Controller function can be found on the MRV Github.

MRV Cold Staking

The MRV Team has set up a virtual server for its users, that will serve as a cold staking pool.  This will allow users to contribute and benefit from staking, without having to have their wallet open 24/7.  Users will have the option to delegate and manage their MRV coins directly through the cold staking feature in the local wallet.  Users will have full control of their assets and receive their portion of the staking rewards directly to their wallet.  A full guide on how to utilize the cold staking feature can be found on the MRV Github and Discord.

Coin Specs